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S.K. Ghosh was born on 2nd June 1992 at Chaugachha, Jessore. He is an MBA from Accounting. He won "JyotishBiddyavaroti", "JyotishSaraswati", "Jyotish-Samrat Award". He is a lifetime member of R.A.S and Asian Astrologers Congress.

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  • Birthday: 2nd June 1992
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  • Phone: +8801711051816
  • City: Jashore
  • Age: 29
  • Degree: MBA
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  • Profession: Astrologer


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S.K. Ghosh is a best astrologer in Bangladesh. He is an MBA from Accounting.He has expertise in : • Palm Reading • Identifying short horoscope • Identifying long horoscope • VaastuVichar • Education • Solving problem in job-business • Love solution • Marriage solution • Conjugal arguments • Enmity • Health issues • Accidents • Suggestion regarding the future of children • Judging the combiner of marriage • Selecting accurate gemstone

Palm Reading 100%
Identifying short & long horoscope 100%
Solving problem in Education or job-business 100%
Marriage or love solution 100%
Judging the combiner of marriage 100%
Enmity, Health & Accident issue 100%

About Astrology

A Sanskrit word for astrology is ‘Jyotishyam'. One meaning of this word is "astronomical", and in its literal sense, it means "astrologer" and another meaning "light-hearted". There are six vedangas. They are Shiksha, Vyakarana, Jyothisya, Chandassu, Nitruktha, and Kalpa. Astrology ( Jyothisya ) is considered as ‘Eye' of Vedas. In the available verse of the Vedic astrology, the topics related to sun-moon movement and periodic changes are discussed. During the recording of Vedas, there was a great deal of astrology in determining the days of Yajnasanta, moment and momentum. Note that at that time astronomy and astrology were identical. Currently, the knowledge and method of determining the future direction of the questioner using a variety of methods, such as the birth date and place of birth of the questioner, determines the position of the planets in the space of the planet, or the position of the planets during the questioning, or the use of different methods of handwriting, body identification etc. are called Astrology. Again, a division of astrology is also used to predict country, state, city, village etc. and natural events such as rain, extreme rainfall, drought, earthquake, storm, epidemic or flood.

Classification of Astrology

TantraJyotish or Jyotirbiggyan

TantraJyotish has 2 classifications, those are Gol and Gonit.


JyotishSanghita has a various classification, as NimityaGonona, RashtriyaJyotish, VastuVidya etc.


HoraJyotish has 3 classifications, those are Jatok, Prosno, and Muhurto.

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Best astrologer & Solution finder

2010 - Present

Dibyojyoti Jyotishalay

  • Palm Reading
  • Identifying short horoscope
  • Identifying long horoscope
  • VaastuVichar
  • Education
  • Solving problem in job-business
  • Love solution
  • Marriage solution
  • Conjugal arguments
  • Enmity
  • Health issues
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we will read the remedies we can get from Gemstone. Along with happiness, people have sorrow in their lives. Everyone wants to be happy in life, get success. To avoid this negative situation, some people accept different stones. Success and failure are actually the people's own hands. Yet in some cases, these gems rocket play an important role in the world. Some of these stones have to be guessed in some direction. And we need to know that there are gems and jewels and gender discrimination. For men and women gems are different, gem stones are applicable to men. If the combination is properly used, the results do match.

It is usually used to spoil evil Rahu. Gomeda is considered to be effective for suits, molestation, parasites, family disputes, finances etc. Generally, this stone is more suitable for those born in January. Meaning of Capricorn and Aquarius zodiac - the zombies are more effective for the people.



Aquamarine is an effective gemstone to overcome marital disputes, family turbulence, mental unrest, financial distress, loss of social status, secret enmity etc. A survey conducted by users has shown that it is a special effect for the people of the country.



To most people, diamond is a very popular stone. It is very fruitful to prevent bad influences. Diamond is selected for the purpose of social dignity, success in love, love for the mind, conjugal happiness, financial prosperity and the loss of the lost glory. Generally, it is considered to be a good fortune for the people of Aries Rashika.



In the discussion, the position of the Pannais after diamond in stones. Panna is very useful for the success of business, prosperity, social prestige and heartburn. Many astrologers give opinion that the emerald cannot afford to fall into poverty. It is for Gemini, emeralds are very useful for the Rashi.



It is particularly useful for strengthening the influence of the evil moon under the influence of the moon. Marital unrest, emotional turmoil, relieving corrosion, and financial hardships, etc., are available in pearls. Generally, the stones are especially fitting for the people of the race.



This gemstone stone for the evil Robi is useful to match. It's helpful to keep away from social maladies, financial solvency, and others hostility. This is particularly useful for those who do not want to get married easily. Good luck comes with this stone. It is used by the people of the lion-ridden people to protect themselves from evil and mischief.



There is no pair of coral to increase fame, fame, and self-esteem. This stone is especially effective to bring evil to evil. Coral has many circulations as a means of protecting mutual enemies, anger, violence, etc. Coral is very useful to move the evil spirit of the Gemini in a wholesome way. It gives fast results in any fingers on the left hand.



Necklaces are worn to get rid of workplace failure, convenience, financial distress, etc. It is very effective to keep Saturn under control. It is beneficial to end any kind of obstruction. Especially for the daughter-in-law of the daughter-girls, the neophyte has a strong role to play. It is not possible to easily avoid social and bitter fiasco in the right hand or on the left-hand arm.



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